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Can you trust your Husband and can your Husband trust you?

My friend told me that her fiancé would never allow her to come anywhere close to his hair with a clipper. Many men treasure, how their hair cut looks. So most of them would go to a professional barber.
After asking my husband several times to allow me to cut his hair, he finally allowed me. My friend could not believe that he did. She said “this must be love”. Mind you, I have never cut any boy or men’s hair in my life nor have I seen it done before.
The first time I started cutting his hair I was nervous because to me I taught the clipper was going to cut or hurt him. The fact that the clipper was shaking in my hand added to the nervousness. I started cutting his hair then I shouted because I thought I made him bald. Funny enough, I didn’t do it well so he finished it off.
The second time when I did it; He had to go to someone else to finish it for him. For some months now, he has been going to a professional to do it.
When we go to the professional barber together; I observed them and how they cut his hair. Finally, I asked my husband again to allow me to cut his hair and He said sure why not. Many of you would think that why does he keep allowing me to cut his hair after failing twice to cut it well.
After watching several youtube videos on cutting and shaping up hair for 20 minutes, and saying a quick prayer in my head; I decided to try again.
Below are the pictures. How did I do? My husband was definitely impressed and was very proud of me. He did not regret allowing me to cut his hair today and no one had to interview it.
IMG_20140114_004630 IMG_20140114_011119 IMG_20140114_004550 IMG_20140114_011200 IMG_20140114_011141 IMG_20140114_011305
Why am I saying this? My husband knowing my track records of cutting his hair; regardless still had faith in me and trusted that I had it in me to do a good job on his hair. He never gave up on me. He render his hair in my care and trusted that I will try to do my best. I really appreciated the trust that he had in me; It gave me another level of confidence in myself.
What my husband did challenged me in that, he taught me another level of love and trust in someone you love. I am very particular about my hair, if my husband says “hun let me help you with your hair”, will I be scared that he will put knots in my hair or would I do what he did and allow him to help me with my hair? The answer is, that I will let him. The same way he entrusted me with his hair, is the same way I will entrust my hair to him in helping me in areas of my life that he is not expert at. Maybe next time I can ask him to trim my hair. LOL.
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1 Comment on Can you trust your Husband and can your Husband trust you?

  1. Very cool😊 you too have built up a loving trusting relationship. I already trust my guy to trim my hair. He does a great job, better than I ever got in a salon. I love the bonding time as he runs his fingers through my hair, combs, sections it and trims off no more than what I ask. He braids my hair as well and I get many compliments on it. I love the fact he braids my hair as I get the bonding time without losing any length. He is very meticulous so my trims are always perfect, never a bad haircut. And if my braid is not perfect, he will redo it. Controlling? No way, he just makes sure he is doing the best he can for his lady, and I appreciate it.😉

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